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Territorial Jurisdiction of Bhagalpur Judgeship

Geographically Bhagalpur District lies between 25.7 25.30 north latitude and between 86-37.30 longitude. It has total area of 2569 square kilometers and its height is 43 meter (140.1 feet from M.S.L.) The Population of Bhagalpur as per 2011 census is 30,32,226.The population of Banka as per 2011 census is 2029339.

Bhagalpur District is one of the oldest district of Bihar. It is situated on plain of Ganges basin. This district is surrounded by Munger, Khagadia, Madhepura, Purnea & Katihar districts of Bihar & Deoghar Godda Sahebganj District of Jharkhand. This District was established in the year 1775. At that time it consists of the whole area of Bhagalpur division including Madhepura, Saharsha, Supaul, Purnea, Araria, Kishanganj, old Santhal pargana and division of Malda and Darjelling. Bhagalpur judgeship was started in the year 1857. The first District Judge of Bhagalpur judgeship was Mr. I. Sayndis.

Bhagalpur is a city of historical importance. It was connected with the state capital Patna and Calcutta through the river of Ganga since Ramayan and Mahabharat period. According to hindu mythology 'Samudra Manthan' (Churning of the sea) took place in which 'Devas' as well as 'Asur' participated. The mythological hill, which was used as churner of 'Samudra' is called 'Mandar Parvat' or 'Mandar Hill'. It is situated 52 Kms south from Bhagalpur City.

In Mahabharata era the Bhagalpur was a part of Ang kingdom ruled by Raza Karn, an ancient cap sculpture of era of great emperor Ashok was found in Sultanganj. A temple of Gupta period is also exists here. The ruins of ancient historical Vikramshila University are located 44 kms east from Bhagalpur. Bhagalpur is the birth place of one of the Twenty four Tirthankara namely Basu Pujya. The Bhagalpur is famous for its silk production. It is popularly known as silk city. At present Bhagalpur judgeship consists of three Sub-division namely Banka, Naugachia and Bhagalpur. Now Banka became a separate district, but judgeship at Banka has not been created as yet. Bhagalpur District consists of three revenue sub-division i-e. Bhagalpur, Naugachia and Kahalgaon.

Salient Features Of Bhagalpur Judgeship

1. Creation

Bhagalpur Judgeship is an oldest Judgeship among those created during British India. It was established in 1858. Its Jurisdiction embraced the entire area covered by the commissioner's jurisdiction which was extended up to Malda and Darjeeling. The first Judge appointed at Bhagalpur Judgeship was Mr. I Sayandis who was an ICS officer of British India. The first Pleader was Sri SURYA NARAYAN SINGH who had enrolled to practice here. The first public prosecutor was Sir. GIRISH CHANDARA BANERJEE. At that time this Judgeship was under the administrative control of Hon'ble High Court of Calcutta.

However, Bhagalpur District was established in the year 1775 then it consists the whole area the present of Bhagalpur division including Madhepura, Saharsa, Supaul, Katihar, Araria, Kisanganj, old Santhal Pargana and Division as Malda and Darjeeling. From 1757 to 1857 the administration of Justice was in the hand of District Magistrate, and Courts were called as Company's Court. The first District Magistrate was Mr. CLEVELAND, an ICS officer of British India. It is worth to mention here that in the medieval India during the Maghal Period the existence of administration of Justice was also found under ZILA QUAJI who was discharging the power of Judiciary at Bhagalpur.

After independence of India, Bhagalpur Judgeship comprises of two District i.e. Bhagalpur and Saharsa. The Civil Court Subordinate of District Judge comprised of one permanent Court and two Additional Courts of Subordinate Judges at Bhagalpur and two permanent courts of Munsifs at Banka. Besides these there were two additional courts of District and Session Judge at Sadar Bhagalpur.

Since the introduction of scheme of separation of Executive and Judicial function , the system of Magistrate 1st class was introduced. The Registrar system was first introduced in this District in the year 1950 on temporary basis, which was made permanent with effect from March 1958.

A vigilance Committee was also formed at Bhagalpur Sadar with an object of checking corruption in the offices of the Courts. It consists of the District Judge as its chairman with ten members. The Registrar Civil Courts is the ex-official Secretary.

The Bhagalpur Bar Association has a legal committee which is functioning since 1954. The aim is to given free legal Aid to the poor and needy person.

With the passage of the time and due to growing population and multiplying problems of law and in order to keep control over the law affairs and to keep vigilance over the going legal requirement of people, extra law and legal institution were required to be installed and established. In this way separates Judgeship at Saharsha was established in the year 1954 which comprised Supaul and Madhepura and also Judgeship of Dumka was established, lateron Madhepura was separated from Saharsha and created as a new Judgeship. After creation of state of Jharkhand bifurcated from old Bihar, now Dumka falls in the State of Jharkhand, which is a separate Judgeship of Jharkhand State under the control of High Court of Jharkhand, Ranchi.

2. Court Building & Residential Accommodation

The Court Building at Bhagalpur sadar are in four blocks. One block as very old construction and two blocks are of recent construction blocks which i.e. the year 1965. One block which is specially for the fast track Court is also constructed.

In Naugachia sub-division court building are in three blocks.

Which is not sufficient for the use of Court. So some new court buildings are required to be contracted then as early as possible.

In Banka sub division Court buildings are five blocks, out of which one block is on rent and one block contracted for fast track courts.

It is hoped that very soon the separated judgeship of Banka will be created. For establishment of Judgeship at Banka, as per direction of the Hon'ble court, steps have been taken to acquire land for construction of court building and residence of District & Sessions judge. In this regard a land acquisition committee consisting of district magistrate Banka District land acquisition officer Banka executive engineer, building Division Banka and other members have identified and located the land for acquisition in the year 2004 and accordingly a proposal in prescribed proforma has been submitted to the Registrar General, High Court of Judicature at Patna vide Nazarat memo No. 184 dated 30.06.2005.

Residential Accommodation for Judicial Officer.

There are 26 Govt. quarters for judicial officer at sadar, Bhagalpur and nine quarters at Banka as well as nine quarters at Naugachia sub division.

Residence of district & sessions judge, Bhagalpur is on rent which relates to L.D. trust.

Residential Accommodation of class III & IV staffs.

There are 15 quarters for class III grade staffs at sadar, Bhagalpur and two quarters at Naugachia sub division and there is no quarter for class III grade staff at Banka.

There are 14 quarters for IV grade staff at sadar, Bhagalpur and there is no quarter for them at Banka and Naugachia.

Constitution and Jurisdiction:

At present Bhagalpur Judgeship consists of three sub division Courts viz-sadar Bhagalpur, Banka and Naugchia. At- Naugachia the Court shifted in the year 1986 vide D.J. order No. 72 dated 12.08.1986. Before this the sub divisional Court of Naugachia was running at Bhagalpur. Now Banka became a separate revenue District, but Judgeship at Banka has not been created as yet which is subjudiced before Hon'ble Court. Although Bhagalpur District has also another revenue sub division namely Kahalgaon, but for the Kahalgaon sub division a separate sub divisional Court is not created. However proposal for establishment of subdivisional court at Kahalgaon is in progress.

A full fledged family Court headed by Principal Judge in the rank of D.J. has been established at Bhagalpur. Beside this five fast track Courts at sadar Bhagalpur and at Banka haeded A.D.J.'s on the Adhoc basis have also been established and running in Judgeship of Bhagalpur. A permanent Lok Adalat and D.L.S.A is also established and running full fledged in this Judgeship. Legal Aid- cum Conciliation Centre (Bidhik Sahayata Sah- Sulah Kendra) has also been established and functioning under the supervision of D.L.S.A., Bhagalpur.